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My Background

I began practicing in Massage and Bodywork 10 years ago after training at the School of Bodywork.   This is where I started my passion for fascia.  If you don’t know what it is, don’t worry, read more here....  I’m a Massage therapist also specialising in Integrated Myofascial Release (MFR), Registered with British Complmentary Medicine Association (BCMA).

In my practise I have witnessed that lighter, sustained and more informed touch allows the body to heal at a much deeper level and as such facilitates physical, emotional and psychological change, providing profound and longer lasting results. I love doing this work, seeing the change in people before and after treatment. 

I came to Myofascial Release (MFR) through my own personal healing journey.  I had been experiencing more & more restricted movement & pain & then finally I had an injury that caused me pain & muscle weakness in day to day tasks, which prevented me from joining in with some family activities & stopped me from dancing.  At this point, I had my first experience of MFR, the treatment was unlike anything I had experienced before and I was told I might continue to feel additional changes the following day anywhere in my body.  The change was so unexpected I had to investigate further and get more treatment! Once I began investigating, I knew for certain this was what I wanted to practise. I love that my skills can help people, so let MFR do for you what it did for me and start your own healing journey.

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My Approach

We start the first session with a consultation to decide together the best treatment for you. Overall, my focus is to ease pain and restore movement in your joints and soft tissues.

I always aim to provide you with a treatment that is beneficial for your body, not only now but in the long term.
It is important to note that with acute injuries or problems that have built up over time, these may take longer to improve and require a course of treatments to resolve.  This can be discussed and block bookings can be offered at a reduced cost.

You may be offered homecare advice, to get the best results. This increases integration of the bodywork into your system, the suggestions can easily be incorporated into a busy daily routine. 

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